BY JAN NAVI (PASTOR MILLER PEN NAME)https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0BXLKKC1P

Earthquakes, Storms, UFO's, Wars, and Spiritual Awakenings will humanity survive what is coming next? There are a four people who can see things others cannot. Many will remain in darkness until it's too late. The end time has been foretold by the prophets years ago. There is only one prophet still living who can interpret the scrolls. Who will find the prophet the chosen four or Satan, the Beast and the false prophet? Join Jan Navi on the Journey to find the prophet. It might save your life too!


CHRIST IS RISEN (Available on Amazon books)

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has significant ramifications for the entire human race.
For those who believe it, it gives them assurance of eternal and abundant life. For those who refuse to believe it, it may cause much emotional and mental pain, and leave them little or no hope of anything beyond the grave.
It is Rev. Miller’s desire that the reader will come to a new understanding about the resurrection of Jesus Christ before and after His death and resurrection. Miller hopes you will see the good news and seek to know more about Jesus Christ, who willing gave His life as a sacrifice for the entire human race.
It is an easy read that has the potential to change your life forever. The resurrection power lives inside of all followers of Jesus Christ. This resurrection power can bring new life to marriages, people stuck in addictions, and those who have terminal sickness and disease.
Ask yourself; What if the resurrection is true and I didn’t even try to explore the implications of it?